Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with a complete solution for their engineering needs. We are determined to improve manufacturing efficiency through improvements to current manufacturing equipment and development of new generation manufacturing equipment. We strive to improve not only equipment productivity but also the quality of your manufactured goods.



Trace Automation has over 25 years of Controls Systems & Distributed Controls Systems experience. We have experience with many of the industries top controls systems hardware and software companies. With our common-sense approach and high tech capabilities, we're able to offer our customers innovative solutions that deliver efficiency and quality.




We are fortunate that our mission has taken us all over the world. We are excited by all of our projects and are happy to travel to your facility, wherever it might be.



We hold industry standard safety certifications, including MSHA and Basic Plus



We have established rapport with some of the most recognizable names across the United States, Europe and Asia. We're happy to give detailed information about our projects and what we've been able to accomplish to our prospective clients.